Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I have no reservations in asking Oscott residents to re elect Tristan Chatfield as an Oscott Councillor again tomorrow.

He has played an important part as in the Oscott Labour Team helping to mitigate some of the worst of the effects from the Government cuts in the Councils funding.

Oscott needs to keep its current Council Team together to try and help stop the effects of even more government cuts to the Birmingham City Councils funding. These cuts will effect Oscott and only the current team will tell you as it is and try and fight them.

Tristan has spent his time in office trying to help as many Oscott residents as possible. Not an easy job thanks to government cuts.
 He cares for the Oscott Community and works hard to bring residents concerns to the notice of the powers that be.

You can rely on Tristan to be there if you need him.

He needs your support tomorrow please vote for him  he can help make a difference.

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