Tuesday, 7 March 2017


It has been great to be out and about meeting residents in Daley dale Avenue and helping some of them de clutter by getting rubbish out on the street for removal.


This has been part of the Housing department sponsored De Clutter and activity day.


The Oscott Labour Team ( Councillor Barbara Dring, Councillor Tristan Chatfield and myself) were happy to support the idea.  The Police came along to discuss issues with residents, the Fire bride came to offer help and advice to residents and the well-known Dog Warden Debbie was out and about chatting to dog owners.


The Housing department and Clean-up crews were excellent and are getting on with the clean up.


Given the amount of rubbish it pleasing to hear that many residents have took on board the recycling message and are taking rubbish to the Holford Drive Salvage department. Just 5 minutes by car.


There are no more clean ups due in the fore see able future due to the amount of cuts in their funding from the Government the Council faces, so let’s hope everyone gets this recycling message


I would like to thank all those who were and are involved.

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