Tuesday, 1 August 2017


One of the regular issues I get in my correspondence from Oscott residents is the problem of speeding. Sadly this is not helped by the fact new figures have revealed that the number of dedicated police traffic officers in the West Midlands has fallen by more than half in the past decade from 384 in 2007 to 186 this year. The Government must look again at their funding reductions to the Police.

This is compounded by the fact that the number of Oscott Local Police officers has also reduced by half which it makes it difficult for them to lead on initiatives like Community Speed Watch.

Residents can still help however as the volunteers required to help the Police in their Local speed watch operations are needed.
 This is where a Police officer with the help of some local residents can operate small speed indicator guns out and about in the local area where speeding has been reported as a problem

If you have a concern about speeding let me know and if you can spare an hour now and again to become a Community Speed Watch volunteer please let me know and I will inform the Local Police team

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