Sunday, 17 December 2017


Councillor Barbara Dring and I as local residents as well as local councilors are always more than happy to listen to the concerns of our neighbours and constituents who live in Oscott.

Like you we know how tough things are now due to the unfair cuts in the Councils funding by the Government and also the cuts in Police and other agencies funding if it comes to that.!

We are not offering quick promises to solve everything we hear about but will continue to do what we can to try and help those who contact us.

We would like to thank those resident who contact us with their issues and all those we meet on our all year around walk about's and visits to elderly complexes and so on. (We do put out occasional leaflets but are aware a constant stream of leaflets can be annoying.)

Living in Oscott and knowing the area well, does help us understand residents concerns but there are always some that we hear about that still surprise us so please keep letting is know your concerns.

You can contact via the many cards we put out, leaving a message on 303 2029 or emailing me on  Please remember to leave you full contact details

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