Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Given the particularly freezing weather we have had recently it has been inevitable more pot holes should appear on our streets.

 As many residents already know Councillor Barbara Dring and I regularly report pot holes to Amey the Highways the private contractor given the contract to do this work by the previous Council administration for 25 years, ( someone got a good deal didn't they! ) who deal with the problem of road maintenance.

 Reporting pot holes is a bit like painting the fourth bridge you go around reporting them and when you have finished there is more to do
 If you have a concern about a pot hole and would like me to pass the details on than email me alternatively phone me on 303 2039 (messages) or if you have one send back one of my return cards.
 Please however let me have the location (nearest House number) of where the pot hole is and I will do my best to get it sorted out.

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