Sunday, 18 March 2018


I would really like to thank those Oscott schools who took the effort to come along to the Oscott Schools Parking and Road safety working party working party last week

All schools the Schools in Oscott were invited to send a representative along to meet up with the Local Police, Fire brigade and other interested party's to discuss the common problems on the subject.

There are no magic solutions but the schools are all given the chance to discuss their problems regarding road safety and parking they have to  deal with

We have made some progress but much more still needs to be done but those schools who came along and the other agencies all felt the meeting was worth while.

If your school did not attend the meeting last week and as a parent of neighbour of the school you may wish to remind them to attend the next one.
By working together we are more likely to make progress and help keep children safe.

I would also like to thank the Hawthorn Junior and infant school for their hospitality.

There will be a chance for residents to be updated or have an update on the Working party at the next Ward Committee.

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