Friday, 16 November 2018

REMIND YOUR LOCAL OSCOTT SCHOOL TO ATTEND the next parking and road safety meeting

The next meeting of the Oscott Schools Parking near schools and Road safety working party  meeting which takes place on the 28th November.At the Great Barr Academy Aldridge Road Great Barr (by invitation)

All the School in the Oscott area have again been invited to send a representative to this meeting where issues of concern regarding parking near schools and road safety are discussed.

Also invited are senior Local Police Officers, Fire brigade representatives and also officers from the Birmingham City Council who deal with road safety issues.

As chair and with the help of our Council organiser PB Act District Director Mr De Costa of these meetings (and who works so hard to do so despite a lack of resources) I do not pretend there are any easy solutions to the problems being discussed, but every school can meet with other Oscott schools to discuss how they deal with road safety issues near their school and learn from others what they do.

The Police, Council Officers and Fire brigade, offer their advice and listen to the concerns of the various Oscott schools and by all working together in this way we try and resolve some of the issues.

There is no magic wand and we still face the continued cuts in funding but just sometimes good practice and an opportunity to learn from others can help.

The Police who like the Council have faced awful cuts in their numbers can also meet with a  number of schools at one time which helps save their stretched man power and ensures they hear the issues faced by local schools, together in one place.

I would urge all parents or, to remind the school that their children go to in Oscott, to send someone to the meeting. (Local residents living near one of the schools could also remind the school?)  Details have been supplied to all the various schools.

Members of the public are given an update on these meetings at Oscott Ward Residents Committees Chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring. Residents are also encouraged at these ward meetings to discuss their concerns which are passed back to the Schools Parking and Road safety Committee.

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