Friday, 1 May 2009


Councillor Barbara Dring and I arranged another of a Councillor in your street days today. On meeting a number of residents I found they had the same complaints as so many Oscott residents these days. Their grass verges are a mess. The carriage way is a disgrace and there are problems with trees in the road.
With the way things are with the current Council Administration it will not be easy to get anything done but both Councillor Dring and I will have a go. (I have a suspicion when others read this they may just have a go to?)


Anonymous said...

is anything going to be done about the concrete road on meadthorpe road they are terrible

Anonymous said...

kids speeding up and down glenmead rd and meadthorpe someone gona get run over

Keith said...

Thank for these comments I will pass them on to the authorities.