Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Base KS just one of the projects which recieved Comunity Chest Funding last year

The Oscott Ward has been give 100K by the Council (they recieve this money from the Goverment) to use for projects in the Oscott Ward.
It is at this time of year we ask those in need of a small amount of funding to let the Oscott Ward Committee know by applying for this funding.
Last year this funding went on a number of good projects in the Oscott Ward for example
Base K S to help young people, Age Concern received Funding as did the Bandy Wood Project which helps young families. Small grants were also given to a number of voluntary community groups to help their development. These groups try to help elderly residents and disabled residents amongst others.
The 100 K Oscott receives is no where near enough AND THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TO GO ROUND but I do recognise it is the same for all wards across the City and as such I personally think it is a fair system the Council has come up with.

If you would like to may a bid for your group or you would like more information please ring 464 1869. (or ring me on 360 6486 for further details.)

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