Wednesday, 6 May 2009


A few months ago at a full meeting of the Birmingham City Council I warned the Councils Administration, that doing away with Wards like Oscott having their own Environmental Warden was a bad idea.
The current Council Administration with its on wisdom however decided to reduce the amount of Wardens in each Constituency from 4 to 3 and have a team of wardens wondering across the city as a response team.
From the complaints I am receiving from Oscott residents it is clear that the much reduced warden service in Oscott is not at all popular.
There has been a build up in graffiti and fly tipping in Oscott and many of the things Environmental Wardens had been doing so well are not now being done.
Both Councillor Dring and I will do what we can to reverse this sad state of affairs but the blame needs to be put fairly and squarely on the shoulders of this Council Administration.
If you have any issues that need to help of an Environmeantal Warden please ring me on 360 6486.


Anonymous said...

You can see the difference not having a Warden is making. We all miss Debi.


Anonymous said...

Why has our Conservative Council taken our Warden away,is it just spite?