Monday, 14 December 2009


One of the most frustrating things about being a back bench Councillor for an outer city ward, is seeing money being thrown at City Centre projects.
I fairness parties across the Political Davide do have a habit of doing this. However at the current moment when things are tough world wide and economies are having to be made it is particularly annoying.
A recent example is the spending of the best part of a million pounds to have what is basically a large TV screen put up in Victoria square. It has taken two years of consultation to find out most of those people consulted, if they do want this screen? do not want it in Victoria square.
The current Council would have saved a lot of money if they had put this TV screen in say the Chamberlain square rather than the world renown and listed Victoria Square.
They could then have spent that million pounds on saving the Aldridge Road Day Centre and on many other useful initiatives for local people.

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