Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I have managed to get along to both the Saint Marks Day Centre for the Elderly and to the Oscott Elderly Residents Groups meetings this week.
The Saint Marks Day Centre staff do a great job looking after their elderly charges and making sure they enjoy their dinner time meals. They also ensure there is plenty of things for them to do after their meals. It certanly helps to get elderly residents out of their homes.

The Oscott Elderly Residents Groups which is organised by Maureen Bynre and Friends is a monthly get together for older people in the area. Certainly when I manage to pop it they are having a lively time of a cup of tea and a cake. They always manage to ask me those difficult questions you would rather not answer. They also usually have a guest speaker on hand.
(This group meet every month at the 610 Community Centre. Please ring 464 1869 for details)

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