Thursday, 3 December 2009


I have just learnt that at long last work is to start on the pavements in Dunedin Road. There will be 8 weeks of major pavement reconstruction work beginning in early January.
I have been campaigning along with Councillor Barbara Dring and local residents for some years to get the pavements and carriage ways repaired in Dunedin Road and this is just the start of things.
Later this year the carriage ways is also expected to have major work carried out on it. Councillor Dring and I will be keeping the pressure on the Transportation department to get on and do this work as soon as possible. The work is urgently needed give the very poor state of the carriage way.
We have also not forgotten the other roads in the area with very poor carriage ways and we will keep bringing these to the attention of the Transportation department to.

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