Thursday, 30 December 2010


Dormington Road is just one of many roads in Oscott which have had their blag bags uncollected for weeks.

Many residents in Oscott are concerned about their black bags not being collected. The Current Council Administrations chiefs are using the following reasons as the excuses for the bags not being collected.
In summary,
1. Combination of strike / industrial action;
2. The legacy of the bad road and conditions caused by the bad weather last week; and
3. The usual increase in the volume of waste placed out immediately following Christmas (bank holidays).

The Council normally deploys 40 black bag collection crews, 20 multi material crews and 20 paper collection vehicles. These vehicles are staffed by the usual crews.

A casual workforce, operating up to 19 vehicles has been collecting black bags since Monday 27th December 2010 - they will finish Mondays round on Friday. They will then start work on Tuesdays round at the weekend. They intend to complete as much as possible of Tuesdays round by Sunday, and then start again on Monday's round. Tuesdays round should be completed on Tuesday by the Councils permanent workforce. The casual workforce will then collect on a daily basis any uncollected waste from the previous day’s collections.

Basically the collection service is in a mess at the moment and this is why many Councillors like my self are doing what we can to try and get the Salvage department to resolve the situation ASAP.
For example I have been in regular contact with Salvage department chiefs trying to get Oscott residents concerns dealt with. The main message I am receiving is that resident should leave bags on the street to be collected. Many Oscott residents have been very patient up to now but that patience is getting a bit thin.

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