Friday, 18 November 2011


It was a great shame that despite the VERY hard work of Jeante Hart MBE and other members of the Hawthorn Traders Association, the Christmas light switch on 12th Nov, has got off to a faltering start.
Despite assurances from the Council, the lights were not switched on until around 10pm on the 12th and when they were switched on many did not work.

No one can fault the Hawthorn Traders they found the funding to pay for the lights, they made the arrangements with the responsible Council department as they have done for some years now and they even put on a spread for the correct time of the switch on.

Now the Hawthorn Traders Assocaition, many residents and myself feel let down this year by the Council.
Residents and Traders alike donate their money to have a bit of Christmas cheer in the way of Christmas lighting along the Hawthorn Road for the Chritsmas period and look whay happens.

There are still 2 sets of lights which do not work. To say that this is not good enough is an understatement and I have contacted the Council and Councillor Timothy Huxable who is ultimately in charge to let them know.

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