Friday, 11 November 2011


I would like to join in with the Oscott Neighbourhood Police Initiative and call for residents to keep an eye on Perry Common Library.
Metal thieves have targeted a historic city library for a second time leaving it with a leaky roof and at risk of damage again.
Thieves have taken lead flashing joining the roof and guttering at Perry Common Library causing rain water to leak into the building.
Staff spotted the leaks during the recent torrential downpours but have so far managed to the
library open
It was only in 2008 that lead flashing was stolen from around skylights and the resulting flooding led to the library being closed for two years. 66 thousand pounds had to be spent before it could reopen
The red brick library, designed by J P Osbourne and built in 1934 with an art-deco entrance hall, is an example of a 1930s public library which is a listed building.
I have been a supporter and user of this library for may years and my colleague councillor Dring even uses it for a Councillors surgery.
I will doing what I can to support the retention of this library despite this set back and I will also be calling for security measures to be stepped up to prevent this happening again. The Council should also consider urgently using a lead substitute material which thieves would not wish to steal.

The Oscott NPI along with the Police and myself are asking residents to report any suspitious activity you may see on or near this Library to the Police.

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