Friday, 4 November 2011


With the price of metals at an all time high theives are targeting the Council and individuals.
It appears anything that is metal and movable is fair game to metal thieves.

Thieves are targeting litter bins, drain covers ( which is highly dangerous) and even chains put on grit bins to stop them being overturned.
Its you and me who are paying for these to be replaced out of our taxes.

Scrap metal collectors are being urged to be responsible if they are going around in vans and to ask before taking metal household items left the street when bulk collections take place and also to tone down their speakers. (The Police have been checking up on these activities.)
Scrap yard dealers are also been reminded of their responsibilities when receiving metals.

Locally a number of issues related to metal thefts were discussed at this weeks Oscott Police Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Tasking meeting and I would ask Oscott residents if you see any thing suspicious take a note of what you see and contact the Police 0345 113 5000 111

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