Wednesday, 15 August 2012


It is always nice to attend the Oscott Eldery Residents Group meetings.
Chair Maureen Byrne and her team of volunteer helpers alsways do a good job and there is tea and refreshments available.
The group are arranging a Coch trip next Tuesday to the sea side for their regulars and helpers.
The main theme for debate todayday was wheelie bins.

A quick summary of the views I heard today would would be.

There is a lot of concerns that Wheelie bins would not be suitable in the Oscott area.
No one should be forced to have a wheelie bin against their will and there should be a choice for everyone.
Wheelie bins are unsightly and hard to store
There is concern about the amount of wheelie bins and or boxes that may be issued.
Black bags are too thin and if they were made of a better type wheelie bins would not be needed.
Wheelie bins are just a gimmick.
Bring back the old dust bin to keep black bags in.
Black bags/ boxes are easier for the elderly and disabled to manage.
Arrangements will be needed for those in flats and so on.

Wheelie bins may be better for the environment.
Wheelie bins would help keep spillage off our streets.
You can put more rubbish in wheelie bins
Wheelie bins are easier to handle.
If you have a flat front garden wheelie bins are a good idea.
Those who want a wheelie bin should have one.
The crews are not doing their jobs properly collecting the black bags and boxes.

Following a show of hands
17 of those present did not want wheelie bins
14 were in favour of wheelie bins
1 did not care one way or another.

I will ensure these views will be passed on to the Councillor with cabinet responsibility for this issue.

If you would like me to know what your views are on the wheelie bin subject email me on or leave me a message on 303 2039

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