Thursday, 23 May 2013


The joint problems of improving the parking on the Hawthorn Road (middle section) and getting the waste land on the corner of Warren Road and Hawthorn Road has taken a step nearer to being resolved.
Since I managed to get the leaders of the Elim Church to meet with the son of the owner of the land in question it has been agreed if the Elim Church can get the site cleared traders may be allowed to park on the site freeing off car spaces along the Hawthorn Road for customers. At the very least it is hoped those attending church should be able to use the park thus freeing of some car parking from near by roads.
The site could also be used for those using the Elim church, which would again increase car parking available on the Hawthorn Road and surrounding area.
There may also be an opportunity for Elim Church or the Hawthorn Traders Association to use the land for community events.
All parties involved are seeking funding (the Oscott Ward Committee comprising off  Cllr Barbara Dring, CllrTristan Chatfield and myself is helping with this) and it is now hoped the land may be cleared in weeks rather than months and would also be a good thing if this land did not look such an eye saw. Let us all hope the much needed clean up will take place ASAP.

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