Friday, 6 June 2014


As you may be aware I have been urging the Cabinet member responsible for green waste to try and improve the Holford Drive Rrecycling Centre given the increase in use over the last month or so.
I have now been informed that a number of actions are/have been taken to try to improve access at all the HRCs at the busiest times:
For example

  • A new temporary system which allows increased numbers of vehicles onto the site and therefore increasing the throughput of traffic has been introduced, including additional recycling bays and “green only” lanes
  • Changes to signage and road markings are being considered on the Highway to inform non HRC drivers to find alternative routes and avoid the area
  • Encouraging residents to visit their HRC at less busy times to avoid peak traffic through advertising on the webpages and again through relevant signage at the HRCs
  • Home composting is being promoted as an alternative for the disposal of garden waste
  • Promotional information is being distributed to encourage sign up to the new chargeable green waste service
  • Trying to promote the use of allotments who will  take grass for example for composting.

In fairness I think it also must be noted  that the congestion over recent weeks is a temporary situation that occurs every year when the seasons change and the first initial surge of inputs arrive as residents start to undertake household DIY and gardening activities, etc.  This has been compounded by some unusually mild and sunny weather.  

There is clearly still a need for improvement but given the size of the central governments cuts the Council is having to deal  with there is a least some action is being taken on this issue.

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