Thursday, 12 June 2014


The Friends of the Queslett nature Reserve are looking to sign up new members.
The FQNR help look after and maintain the Queslett Nature Reserve which is located near the ASDA Queslett Supermarket.
Friends of the reserve meet from time to time at the reserve where they carry out practical work such as litter picking, light pruning work, path clearance and small tree thinning. They also help keep an eye on the reserve reporting problems to the Police or Ranger service as appropriate.
Members often litter pick on there own when they can and all members encourage users of the reserve to take their litter home.
It is a very much hands on group who are more interested in getting stuck in than discussing how to save the world.
The FQNR also take an interest in the nearby Aldridge Recreation Ground, local open spaces and the environment generally.

There is no fee to join although an occasional donation is never turned down but it is help at the occasional activity day which is really needed.
 Children are welcome under the care of an appropriate adult.

The FQNR work closely with park ranger receive some training and ensures the reserves wild life is looked after.

If you would like to know more or to join the FQNR Em

News of the reserve can be found on this blog from time to time

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