Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Sadly the work to resurface the pavement was supposed to have started in November but due to various problems such as the need to consult with some residents, the need for utilities to carry out their work and so on, this work cannot now be carried out until the middle of next year. However residents will see Amey staff working on the pavements doing much needed preparation work and repairing any defects spotted before the major work begins.

 This is frustrating but it is better to wait a little longer and have the work done properly and it should help avoid utility companies coming just after the work is done to dig it up again to do their repairs. THERE MAY ALSO BE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MANY RESIDENTS TO RECEIVE A DROP CURB AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE? If this is the case residents will be notified nearer the time.

 Along with my fellow Oscott Councillors I will be doing what I can to ensure the work needed to upgrade these pavements is done as indicated by Amey.

It should also be remembered that originally no work was due on the Cooksey Lane playing fields for at least 5 years.

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