Friday, 19 December 2014


I attended the Elim Church Food bank Christmas dinner last night and spoke to a number of users of the food bank service.
Those who receive help from the food bank are referred from agencies and local doctors and are in need of some additional help during these hard times when we are feeling the effects of so called austerity policies which need to end. No one wants to use the service and most would like the service not to be needed but with such difficult time it is.

At the dinner it was nice to see young children able to enjoy a good meal and the Christmas spirit.
It is just sad to think in 2014 we need to have food banks.

The volunteers who helped out yesterday many all day did a great job and can be proud of themselves

If you want to help-
Become a Food Bank depositor - add an item from The Food Bank shopping list – eg. a tin of tuna, a packet of pasta, cup-a-soups, jam etc – when you go shopping. Then deposit it in the local Food Bank collection point at: Elim Church Kingstanding, Warren Road, B44 8QD
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12noon – 2.00pm

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