Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Sadly the Service 655 bus route, which previously operated along Booths Lane, Bowman Road and Caddick Road, was withdrawn because of low use, buses grounding on the highway when rejoining Queslett Road and problems with buses passing parked vehicles around the estate.  This was a part of wider changes to the bus network in the area at that time. 

Since then there has been further housing built at Nether Hall Park which has changed the road network and as a result it looks problematic for buses to access the estate from the Queslett Road according to Centro and the bus companies.

However I have pointed out, with the new housing development in Booths Lane it is likely to increase demand. Following my continued requests Centro will therefore now have a detailed look at the bus network in this location later this year and work with the bus operators to ascertain whether there is a possibility of operating a sustainable service in the area which is more accessible for residents of the Booths Lane estate. 

Following this  more positive news I will continue to press for a bus service for the residents in this area even more.

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