Friday, 6 February 2015


I am currently helping a number of Oscott residents who have concerns about the way their properties have been assessed for having wheelie bins.
 Council officers are where it is a genuine request prepared to look again at the decision whether or not a property is suitable for having wheelie bins.

Where there is confusion for example a number of steps in a garden and so on I am requesting on behalf of residents that a re look at their assessment for wheelie bin suitability takes place.
An officer of the Councillor should have viewed each property in the area before deciding whether the property is suitable of not for wheelie bins.

For those who are elderly, frail or disabled I am also asking if they can receive assistance with their wheelie bins.
This means wheelie bins being moved from their storage point in the front garden to the salvage truck to be emptied and then returned by the crew to the original storage point.

I will also be available try and help residents when the wheelie bins arrive as I expect there will be some teething problems given the scale of what is happening and that it may take time for some residents to get used to the idea.

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