Wednesday, 2 November 2016


The Oscott ward has had many more new street trees planted over the last 5 years than any of its neighbouring wards. 288 in total.

My fellow ward Councillors and myself have battled with the Council to have new trees of a suitable type planted on our streets as most resident like to see trees in their roads.
Many of these trees have been replacements for large trees which have been removed.

However many residents are becoming alienated when it comes to trees because of the lack of a sensible program when it comes to replacing the large (old) over sized trees in our roads in Oscott.
These trees cause so many problems such as lack of light for gardens, root issues, falling branches, damage to cars, property and  blocked drains and trips due to excessive leaves.

Oscott Residents can be assured although as ever I give no false promises I am continuing to lead a campaign however long it takes to get Amey Highways and the Council to introduce a better more sensible phased tree replacement program and to improve the way large trees are pruned.

I hope Oscott residents will continue to support this campaign. If you want to support this campaign or have a tree related issue please email me

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