Friday, 14 April 2017


I went to the Queslett Nature Reserve again yesterday  with Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve Environmental Group volunteers Brenda and John.

  We had a special guest  Ashley from the Great Barr Observer as we went round showing some of the work that had been carried out in the reserve
Having a look round the Queslett Nature Reserve with special guest Ashley a reporter from the Great Barr Observer

He was kind enough to say how much the reserve has improved over the years and was so much cleaner than he remembered.

Volunteers checking recently planted small sapling

Checking out a patch of troublesome Japanese Knot weed which need weed killing

Sadly there was some evidence of anti social behavior in regards to some rubbish dumping by frankly dirty people who have no excuse, but thankfully the decent users of the reserve are in the majority.
We all need to respect the reserve and its wild life.

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