Thursday, 9 November 2017


As a member of the Hawthorn Road Traders association committee I have been pleased to see how well their Shop Watch initiative seem to be operating in some sections of the Hawthorn Road. It is just as well given the operations of a number of shop lifters in the area seem to be on the increase. Shop keepers are doing what they can by means of cctv and informing each other when seeing known shop lifter in the area but they have a tough battle on their hands.

These shop lifters have been targeting not just large shops in the Oscott area but also many who are only just keeping their heads above water and are by no means rich.

I have been asking the Local Police to do what they can but the reductions in the Oscott Police man/ women numbers cannot be helping but  they are doing what they can in the face of the cuts they have faced due to Central Government.
Shoppers can help by informing shop owners or ringing the Police 101 number if they see anyone shop lifting.

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