Thursday, 6 March 2008


Fly tipping in Booths Lane is on the increase again in spite of the fact that there is a CCTV camera located there now. Yet again the rate payer has had to foot the bill to clear rubbish from the site.
I have now called on the Environmental Services department to consider putting up posters informing every one of the cameras presence and to also call upon the land owner to take more action to prevent this fly tipping. The land should have been fenced off properly years ago in my view.
I am now also calling on the authorities to take firm action against anyone caught fly tipping and have also asked the press to consider using this issue as an article condemning fly tipping.
Perhaps naming and shaming may be the way forward? When you consider the Halford Drive Salvage department is within 2 miles of Booths Lane there can be no excuses for fly tipping there!.

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