Friday, 28 March 2008


Over a year ago following consultations with the Oscott North Neighbourhood Forum and myself, the Transportation department (with funds from the Oscott Ward) agreed to introduce some safety features, to the pavement near the HSB bank Kettlehouse Road.
Bollards, a bench and some litter bins were introduced to the pavement to help stop vehicles driving over it and thus endangering pedestrians. It was also agreed to introduce some cycle racks, as they had the added value of encouraging residents to use their bikes.
Unfortunately I had to ask the Transportation department to stop work on erecting these racks, as they were being put completely in the wrong place. I was however assured by Christmas they would be erected in the right place. I was then told it would be by the end of December and then again by the end of the financial year. This just goes to show what a dithering Transportation department we now have, as there is still no sign of these cycle racks.
It is not rocket science to erect a cycle rack surely?. Luckily there has been no serious accidents yet as a result of the Transportation's lack of action. I just hope they now get on with it and get the job done.
As part of the same consultations it was agreed to reduce the size of the taxi racks in Kettlehouse Road to allow more limited time parking.


Anonymous said...

Like the pun.
It is time they kept cars off our pavements.

Anonymous said...

Rack now in, thanks for keeping the pressure on.