Friday, 7 March 2008


The playing fields in Burford Road are a great asset to the community and Building Futures are doing sterling work there to help keep youngsters off the streets by providing sporting activities.
However when the site is not being used it is open for residents (including youngsters) to enjoy, but this is at a cost. Nieghbours with gardens on the boundary of the field do from time suffer from vandalism to their fences and from anti social behaviour.
To help prevent this, the Oscott Ward Councillors have slowly but surely been able to find funds to help pay for metal palisade fencing to go around the inside boundary where it abuts residents properties.
Unfortunately following a site meeting this year yet again the Education department who are responsible for the field have decided they have no funds for the upkeep of boundary fences. This may sound strange when you hear of the large increase in the Education budget there is, made possible by the government, but there you are!
The one thing you can be sure of is your Oscott Councillors will yet again try and look hard for alternative funding put in place more new fencing.

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Anonymous said...

Soethig needs to be done about this fence. The Council should stump up the cash.