Saturday, 4 April 2009


Unlike some I do not give up on issues or just raise them at the run up to elections and this is just a small sample of those I have recently raised yet again. (see also some of my previous posts)

Concrete Roads in Oscott and their condition.
Speeding in Birdbrook Road
The junction of Greenholm Road and Aldridge Road.
The Nova Court junction

The condition of the carriage ways though out the Oscott area including Birdbrook Road, Thornbridge Road, Cookesey Lane and Burnham Road (Sorry but for other roads, my opponent's will have to look round for themselves to find out!)

The Councils Transportation department are now fully aware of the poor condition of the carriage ways in the above roads and other and it is up to them to do something about them I will continue to remind them of the need to take action.

Please do not forget if you have an issue you would like me to try and help you with please give me a ring on 360 6486

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