Saturday, 15 August 2009


That old chess nut the pavement and parking on the Kingstanding Road near the corner of Greenholm is still causing concern to residents. The problem is that customers and staff from the near by shops park at an angle on the pavement at this location. This on occasions obstructs the pavements and damages them.
The Council has an a few occasions come up with plans to try and deal with this situation but on each occasion these plans have not been well received. It is partly a result of the Current Council not wishing to commit the adequate funds to do the job properly in my view. This will not be an easy situation to sort out and in fairness over the years Councillors from all parties have had a go at it.
I have been in touch recently with the Transportation department recently asking them to review the situation. I have also reminded the Police to keep an eye on the parking situation so it does not get out of hand.
If you have a view on the situation please give me a ring on 360 6486.

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