Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Having been given the opportunity to see for my self the problems those disabled residents who have to use an Electric scooter have, I can only say I am pleased to support demands for better pavements and drop curbs.
It is only when you use an electric wheel chair (or the standard wheel chair) you realise how badly users are effected by poor standards in out pavements. It is not only the bumpy ride (just what you do not want when you have a bad back) but also the lack of enough disabled drop curbs. Having to use somebody drive and go out on the road is just not on.
It is time this Council prioritised areas like Oscott where there is a high proportion of elderly residents when it comes to maintaining pavements.
I will be calling on the Council Administration to do just that. The Government have put forward a package of credits for the Council to improve our roads and pavements.I t is time they got on with it.
It is also time , shops, community buildings and offices did more to assist those who have to use electic scooters.
If you are an electric Scooter user or some one who uses a wheel chair and if you know of a bad stretch of pavement please let me know. Tel 360 6486.

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