Saturday, 31 October 2009


There has been another serious accident on the Queslett Road. This time on the opposite dide of the Queslett Road to the Nova Court junction.
Sadly an Amberline Ambulance Car with a Doctor on board, hit the motorway bridge or post. Ambulances were called and passengers taken away. The car was in a very bad state.
I am sure I can speak for Councillor Dring when I say these accidents are becoming too regular on this stretch of road.
I have now called YET AGAIN on the senior officers of the Birmingham City Council and the Director of Sandwell Councils Transportation department to urgently re look at this stretch of road and work together to introduce road safety measures including traffic lights at the Nova Court junction to this stretch of road following this most recent accident.
Many residents including Maureen Byrne (who lives near this accident black spot) and Mr Wilde who have campaigned for years with me to get this stretch of road sorted out and we will continue to do so. The Great Barr Observer have also in the past done their bit to highlight the problem.
Action must be taken sooner or later to deal with this stretch of Queslett Road perhaps this accident will act as a "Wake UP CALL" to those resposible for this road

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