Monday, 12 October 2009


At a meeting of the Integrated Transport Authority business improvemnt Committee ( I know it is a real mouthful) for once a number of interesting issues came up.
For example they were trying yo mull over why Bus patronage has fallen 4% across the West midland area over the last 12 months. I explained in my view it does not help to keep passangers when buses like the 655 are withdrawn from service.
There was also a discussion about the well know Transport Users Forums (TUFTS) especially the Birmingham one.
Again I tried to explain to our Tory / Lib Coalition in charge of the ITA that it may be helpful if they told people what these Forums were. If you look back at some of my old posts you will see I have tried to. I may do so again in the future but for now if unlike most Councillors in the WestMidland you would like to know more about a body supposedly set up to inform Transport users ,what is happening in the way of service provision and so on give me a ring on 0121 360 6486.

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