Saturday, 1 May 2010


Sadly recently there has been a move to reduce the bus network coverage by the privately owned bus companies across the West Midlands. I feel this is the wrong thing to do and have spoke out against in RTA meetings on a number of occasions. You can see a result of this reduction in Oscott for example by the change of the route on the 655. (It is not all bad news at least we have kept the 375 after a major battle?)

I have been requesting as compensation that Bus Estate hopper schemes be considered. This is where small mini buses operate routes on “forgotten” housing estates. Again in Oscott for example residents in roads like Caddick Road and Ringinglow Road could be considered as routes. The hopper buses could link up to destination like shopping areas such as the Kingstanding Circle where it could help generate extra trade and supermarkets for example.
I also think in areas like Oscott where there is an elderly population there needs to be a rethink. It would also be a help to the unemployed and for children trying to get to school.

Centro have agreed to look into a number of my suggestions and who knows, if and when the current economic climate improves they may persuade the bus companies to take action .

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