Friday, 14 May 2010


I hold regular meetings with the Chair of the Oscott Disabilities Group George Hough to see how I can help his group campaign for disabled Oscott residents. George does tremendous, often unseen work for his members and other disabled Oscott residents. He certainly tries to ensure their voice is heard.

Many of the issues of concern come up on a regular basis. The state of our pavements is a typical example.
The poor maintenance of our pavements over the last few years has resulted in a number of residents tripping over and this includes disabled residents. Most fall go unreported as those who trip over often feel embarrassed. This should not be the case whether you are disabled or not if you trip over on a pavement which is badly uneven or broken you should consider claiming against the Council, it is you're right.
As soon as you can take a picture of the scene as evidence and write to the Transportation department for a claims form (or to me to get you one if it helps). I would also recommend that you make a note of what and where you accident happened. You can also if you feel it is justified contact a solicitor for legal advice and help.
The new PFI scheme which the previous government backed and it is to be hoped it will not be cut, should mean a steady improvement in the state of our pavements but we will have to wait and see.
In the mean time the OERG and I are also continueing our battle to get the Council to install more disabled drop curbs in the area to hel wheel chair users and mothers with push chairs get about easier. If you know where one is needed please let me know. Tel 360 6486

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