Saturday, 1 May 2010


For some time now as you may know I have been advocating the introduction of 20mph zone around a number of different schools in the Oscott Area.
The Councils Transportation Department have indicated that they fully recognise there are serious problems around many schools in regards to speeding traffic and were considering introducing 20mph Zones as a matter of policy across the city.
While I welcome this commitment as ever these things seem to take for ever unfortunately to be carried out.
I have written to the department about a number of roads near schools schools in Oscott over the years where I think these zones would be useful, these include for example.
Greenholm Road, Glenmead Road, Sandy Lane, Bandywood Crescent/road , Kingsland Road, Old Oscott Hill and Sundridge Road.
I am also calling for 20mph speed limits to be considered for a number of other streets in Oscott.
I am continue to press the Transportation department and will write to the new Cabinet member for Transportation when he is appointed asking to look at these roads and will keep you posted as to their response.

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