Friday, 30 April 2010


At long last the first stages of the Aldridge Road safety scheme has been put in place. A new speed warning flashing indicator has been installed on the Aldridge Road near the Great Barr Schools.
It has taken two years and a least two public consultations to get this far. I know that like myself the public while welcoming the device will feel it has been one long slog to get it.
The next stage following yet more consultations is to finally get the Council to install pedestrian refuges on the Aldridge Road and to introduce some time restrictions for those wishing to park near the school.
I have also reminded the Council that this work is intended to be looked at in parallel with the Safer Routes to school programme which is being consulted on near the Sandy Lane entrance to the Perry Beeches schools. I will keep you posted as I hear any news.
In the meantime there has been yet another accident further down the Aldridge Road and still the Council refuse to take action ( a petition was turned down about a year ago?).
A police anti speeding operation has taken place recently in the vicinity and I will be interested to see their findings. I will also encourage the Police to use their new speed watch equipment and volunteers in the area.

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