Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I know a lot of elderly Oscott residents have been worried about the 376 and 375 bus routes which operate in the Oscott area. With the help of Councillor Barbara Dring I have manged to get a commitment that neither of these bus routes will change significantly certainly not at the moment. There will be a slight change for the 375 near its Aldridge destination but this should not affect residents in Oscott. I have also been assured the current time tables should not be affected.
There will be new numbers to look out for however on these routes. As with many of the bus routes using the 3 prefix bus numbering will be shortened soon.
Hence the 375 will become the 75 and the 376 will become the 76. As I stated earlier this should not really affect Oscott Residents unduly.

Having said this no bus route is safe without patronage so please use or lose these buses.

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Thanks for letting us know.