Tuesday, 13 April 2010


At a meeting of the local Police Neighbourhood Tasking Group last week along with Community Leaders and Council officials I met some of the new Police Officers who are looking after the area.
From April the 6th the Police made a number of strategic changes which have resulted in Local Police Units being set up to replace the old structure. The Oscott Ward now falls in line with the rest of the Perry Barr Constituency and joins Ladywood to make up the new structure.The main Police station will be Steelhouse Lane and the senior officer will be Chief Superintendent Mc Keogh.

At a local level Kingstanding Police Station will remain in use and the Neighbourhood Police Initiative volunteers will still be able to operate from the Kingstanding station. Volunteers like Brian Brookes and Ray Jukes do a great job for the NPI assisting the Police to prevent crime.

We have some new Police officers covering the Oscott area and they are quickly leaning the ropes. There will continue to be a dedicated team of officer for the Oscott area. The standard of service we receive will not change and I have to say it seems to have improved. Inspector Dorfield and Sergeant Scott the new Sergeant have got off to a very good start and are looking into a number of issues which need addressing.

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