Friday, 28 May 2010


There is a problem in regards to speeding in certain Oscott Roads and that is a fact. How to deal with it is the problem. Simply to throw up a few road humps and an odd sign is not the answer in my view (although it may help in some cases however and as the Transportation department is under new management perhaps more will be done.)
What is needed is a joint approach to look at areas in the Oscott ward, the Kettlehouse estate for example and to deal with speeding issues in a wider sense.

It is no good just dealing with a speeding problem in one road just to see it move to the next.
With this in mind I am calling on the Councils Transportation department and the Police to work together in the Oscott area (AND IF NECESSARY OTHER WARDS) with a new joint approach.

Oscott has recently set up active Neighbourhood Police Tasking Group meetings and this is a venue where this joint working to look at speeding in Oscott should take place.
Engineers, the police and community representative should be looking into this issue together and coming up with solutions. Those solutions could rage from speed cameras to educating/ targeting young drivers in the area about the dangers of speeding on our roads.

I have put this proposal forward to the authorities and I do hope it does not become a political football and is taken seriously. Residents deserve to be able to use their roads in safety.

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