Saturday, 11 June 2011


There is not one but two proposals for new mast locations in Oscott and in my veiw both are unsuitable.

The first proposal is for a 17 metre high mast to be located near the Kingfisher Public House junction. (Old Oscott Lane) This is very close to the Little Ripley day nursery and the manor valley school.
It is my view that they should be looking for a more suitable location and given the hostility to this proposal I have lodged an objection and asked the Planning Committee to look into the issue.

The other controversial location this time for a proposed 14 metre high mast is at the junction of Bowman Road and Booths Lane.
Many residents here feel its strange how when it comes to having new pavement and carriage ways the Council conveniently forget their existence but things are different when it comes to installing a mast.
I have again lodged my objection to this mast given I believe given the amount of open space in the area there must be much better locations for this mast and I have asked the Planning committee to look into this proposal as well.

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