Thursday, 30 June 2011


I was pleased to accept an invitation to a meeting of the Local Perry Barr/ Kingstanding AGE Concern areas where they were closing down to unite under the Age UK banner.

At the meeting all those who had worked or volunteered for Age Concern were rightly thanked for all their wonderful work.

I was also very pleased to see how good the refurbished (by Age Concern) Old Oscott Community Centre is looking.

Both Councillor Barbara Dring and myself along with the Oscott WArd Advisory Board have and will continue you to be supportive when it comes to Oscotts Community Chest and requests for funding from Age Concern/ UK.

In the past we have helped fund the Gardening scheme and Handyman scheme amongst others.
Residents should see no difference in the help they get from Age Concern / UK and it is only the name that may be different.

Well done to all those involved to contact Age UK Tel 358 0309

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