Friday, 24 June 2011


There will be an Oscott Housing Liaison Board AGM Public Meeting which is scheduled to be held on 4 August @ Great Barr Leisure Centre Aldridge Road @ 6.30pm.

Many people who had served of the previous Oscott HLB informed me they were very disappointed when, for what appeared to be more political reasons than anything else the board was abandoned a year or so ago.
For many years the board members had successfully tried to maintain their Independence with the help of Local Councillors, from too much control by the Housing department. Sadly they finally failed and the HLB was stopped from meeting.

It is to be hoped that if a new HLB is set up it will be made up of residents who will continue to remind the Housing department they (the members) first priority is to their fellow residents and not to make life easy for the Housing departments and its officers. Both Councillor Dring and I will be monitoring the situation on behalf of the community.

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