Friday, 10 June 2011


As of June 6th Oscott now longer has an Environmental Warden. These officers have now due to Council front line cuts been got rid of.
This decision will clearly mean for wards like Oscott, a deterioration in the standards we were used to when it comes to the environment and the appearance of the place.
These wardens in their hay day helped clean up grot spots quickly, they dealt with dog fouling issues, fly tipping removal, graffiti removal and they also dealt with members of the public on a one to one basis trying to resolve issues.
Complaints of this nature may still be dealt with by the Council but it will be on a much more hit and miss basis and they may take much longer to deal with.
There will be a long term effect of making Oscott a dirtier and less healthy place to live.
The ending of the Environmental Warden Service in places like Oscott where they have been used well, is a disgrace as for that matter is the proposals to get rid of ward support officers.

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