Saturday, 10 December 2011


There has been yet another accident on Kettlehouse Road. A car allegedly been driven at speed as completely demolished a bus shelter at the junction of Norbury Road and Kettlehouse Road.

Luckily at the time no one was in the bus shelter and the driver, although taken away by the Police is not believed to be injured.

I have been in touch with Council chiefs and have again put forward some possible solutions to the problems this road in regard to road safety as the problem needs to be dealt with urgently. For example I think an island could be created at the junction of Norbury Road and kettle House Road which would help slow down the traffic

I have also passed on a suggestion from a local resident that land near the Bandywood Crescent be used to create an island to slow down the traffic.

The current vehicles activated sigh is due to be re sighted next year and other signage is to be introduced but I have pressed that the work is carried out as soon as possible.

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