Thursday, 8 December 2011


Its time this council really got to grips with the loss of trees due to new planning developments.
I sit on the Birmingham City Council Planning committee meeting, hearing planning applications where many trees are being destroyed to make way for houses or other buildings.
On occasion we will here that there will be some replacement of the lost trees on the development site but I for the most post there is a hefty net loss.
It is interesting that when a tree is removed from one of our streets there is a policy which states 2 others have to be planted somewhere in the area.
I am calling for Planning and Regeneration department to call for similar policies where developers are allowed to chop down tree on private land
There is a case in my view in saying if a private developer cuts down a tree they should pay to have 2 new trees planted. If there is no room on the actual development site itself they should be planted on open spaces owned by the Birmingham City Council either within or out side Birmingham

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