Friday, 24 January 2014


Like a number of Oscott residents I find the way Amey ( the private contractor the previous Council Administration struck up a deal for a 25 year contract with) are pruning many of the large forest type trees in Oscotts roads is not good enough.

I many cases it is a case of trying to spot what they have pruned.

I can not be economical to send out crews to prune so little and at times have to go out again because of complaints from residents and myself. These large trees need to be well pruned and  more need systematically replacing with smaller native varieties. It is not the crew who does the works fault they are only doing what they are told.
I am all for the need for trees as they have benefits ecologically but large ones are more suitable for our open spaces and parks.

I will be meeting with senior Amey Representatives shorty to discuss my (and residents complaints) regarding the way many of the trees in Oscott have and are being pruned. If you have any concerns regarding this issue please
 Email me and I will pass on your concerns.

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